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Joining and passwords

We have had some questions about joining this site and the requirement to have passwords for this site and the training site.

The OSINT-i1 site is hosted on our servers and the training is hosted on thinkific’s servers.

The reason we require login to the OSINT-i1 site is that the tools are here to assist our members with their OSINT investigations, they take time to develop and research.  Importantly, it is also to prevent search engines such as google, indexing the forum posing a privacy issue.  Also, you will gain the benefit of special announcements such as for free webinars dealing with specific OSINT issues.  The forum while case details are discouraged, is also for our members to feel free to ask unique questions, gain support during training sessions and for everyone to share knowledge about their OSINT experience.

The login to the training is for each individual to enrol as a student to each course.

We have not been able to automate the password generation and login process between the 2 sites (passwords are also encrypted on both sites and we do not have access to them) therefore, you will be required to do so yourself.  If you make use of a browser extension (chrome and firefox) such as lastpass (free with subscription options) or keepass (free), it will automate this process for you.

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