While we respect the privacy of people wishing to join our website, we are obligated to ensure the security of our website and our users.  For that reason when signing up with general email addresses such as gmail, yahoomail, hotmail, protonmail etc i.e. non-domain specific emails, we may require some additional information about you before approving your membership request.  This may include a short overview as to why you want access to the site and some additional information about your profession, interests etc.  We will not ask for personal information such as names, addresses, telephone number or PIIs, just enough for us to make an assessment.  We hope you appreciate this security and privacy measure as it is in the interests of all.

Many people would like to remain anonymous when joining the forum.  This is fully understandable.  Everyone who does join the site and forum, are known to us either through attending one of our courses, or have been introduced to us by a fellow member who is able to verify their credentials.

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