Racial or other rants, our reputation exposed.

The recent racial rant by an official of the Bedfordview licensing department reported in the media made me think. Read the full article.

During my presentations on Cyber Security and Privacy, I repeatedly emphasize that the world wide web does not forget. While there remains a perception that for example, social media posts may be deleted and they will be gone forever, is simply a very fake sense of assurance. The information resides on a server somewhere and while there are strategies to remove data from the web, they are not fool proof for one. Common technology sense does tell us, if we replace anything offending posted, with something else it should disappear. Yes maybe, it is yet to be proven this is a fait accompli. Even worse, an offending post is left to linger longer, it is indexed by other platforms and it spreads with very real purpose with very little human intervention.

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